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Friday, April 1, 2016


Whenever I have scheduled an upcoming Constellation Workshop, the Constellation itself begins many days before the scheduled event. It begins when I start thinking about when, where and how the next Workshop should occur. It continues when I prepare and dispatch the Newsletter which announces the Workshop theme and details. Prospective participants start considering whether this will be the time that they should attend. And so, they deliberate. Then comes the reminder and participants make a final decision. Each of us who will be there starts thinking about how it will go, what should be addressed, what is the desired outcome, wondering what will be revealed. 

And when I reflect upon this process, it's really quite miraculous! Miraculous as to not only which Family Constellations will be revealed but, in this instance, the particular constellation of participants. How does each of us connect with one another and with the group? What is our configuration? How do we impact one another? And, why, this particular day, this particular space, this particular time? Each Workshop group is unique and what is revealed on a particular day in a particular moment is also unique. 

And so, I am excited! Excited about who will be there, what will be revealed, and how we will impact one another. Amongst the many, perhaps infinite Constellations of my life, I am excited about Sunday! Will you be there?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Pain...and love

--> We are all wounded beings. It's part of our DNA. This is a given, and it's why I practice. It's why I practice my profession and it's part of what inspires me to maintain a spiritual practice. How else to deal with and to heal the pain of living, and of loving? 
Because it's also true, those we love have the ability to hurt us in the deepest way. We bring our oldest wounds into the relationship and can't help but react to one another in intimate and consequently vulnerable situations. When we are most vulnerable, we are also most sensitive. In these sensitive times, our relationships can seem like we are just one craziness meeting another! And is one craziness that different from another? Are we not just protecting our softest spots?

Paradoxically, the ways that we hurt one another can also open our avenues to healing.  What feels like a broken heart may just be a softening of its defensive armor. Can we open our hearts even with its vulnerabilities? A love relationship may give us the incentive to do just this. Are we able to be patient and tolerant of one another and love with our wounds? Underneath it all, aren't our wounds the same?  And so, can we not only love the other but, ourselves as well, with these wounds?   This is the true loving and a deep healing.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fanny's Pearls

A brief memoir of a time with my grandmother brings to mind reflections upon our ancestral legacy and our personal evolution:

Fanny's Pearls

Sifting through the costumes of her life
me, compelled by the beauty of the jewels, shiny, 
sparkly, round smooth surfaces, metallic clasps
Grandma Fanny and I sit on the bed, light streaming
through the West End window.

My fantasies of the jewels unfold
my fantasies of the future unfurl.
The atmosphere permeated by her memories,
 feelings. warmth and withholding, 
sadness and loss, freshness and decay,
innocent play, timid fear.

Don't go there, don't get 
swallowed by the pain.
Such a big task for such a little girl-
to buoy the sinking ship of the
remembered/forgotten past.
My innocence a shield 
against the drowning despair.

And here the pearls
shiny, creamy, glossy
new,  buoyant, transcendent,
The pearls guiding my path 
these many years later.

I marry a Pearl, 
become a Pearl,
and my life changes.
No longer sucked down by Fanny's morose memories
the heavy legacies of Polish pogroms and lost loved ones.

Now, I find the luminous present, 
round moments strung together
as my husband cultivates his oysters-

A return to source.